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Princeton Stadium

Princeton Stadium

  Venue Particulars  
Address Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08540
Phone (609) 258-3000
Seating Weather
Satellite View
Tigers Gear
  Venue Resources  
Hotels, Dining & Deals in Princeton

  The Facility  
Date Opened September 19, 1998
Princeton University
(Princeton University)
Surface FieldTurf
Cost of Construction $45 Million
Capacity 27,773
Luxury Suites Unknown
Club Seats None
  Other Facts  
Tenants Princeton Tigers
(NCAA) (1998-Present)
Population Base 100,000
On Site Parking Unknown
Nearest Airport Princeton Airport

Championships 1st

Sources: Mediaventures

Palmer Stadium stood for 83 years as a Princeton landmark. It took less than a month to tear it down, and it took slightly more than a year to build its replacement, Princeton Stadium.

* First game: Princeton vs Cornell
* Date: September 19, 1998
* Turf: Grass
* Cost: $45,000,000.00
* It was built on the same site Palmer Stadium was.
* Seats: 27,773

Unlike Palmer it does not have a track. And it surrounds the field unlike Palmer which was like a horse shoe. For the 1997 season they played 8 away games and 2 at a neutral site which is unknown the record for the season was 6-4. This is the newest stadium in the Ivy League since 1987 when Columbia got a new one. The company that built Auther Ashe stadium also built this one. That big tennis stadium in Flushing Medows, New York where the U.S. Open is held.

As provided by and written by Travis Hunter, thanks Travis

Welcome to Princeton Stadium, a combination of high-tech, intimacy and modesty that together has created a venue perfectly suited to the University.

Built in 1997, Princeton Stadium is a facility simplistic in goals and complex in structure.Princeton Stadium was built with more than just football Saturdays in mind. Instead it stands as an extension of the campus, and its goal is to be integrated into the daily life of the University. The stadium concourses are always open, and the facility has served as a meeting and banquet place for many constituents.

Through a generous gift from alumnus William C. Powers '79, FieldTurf was added to the stadium to provide an ideal playing surface for both games and practices. The new “Powers Field” at Princeton Stadium was dedicated in the fall of 2007. A state-of-the-art video scoreboard, which offers in-game replays, interactive fan entertainment and a professional-style pregame introduction, was also introduced last year. Since the introduction of FieldTurf, Princeton is 7-3 on Powers Field.

Princeton Stadium stands on the site that was once Palmer Stadium, though the new stadium is approximately 70 feet closer to Nassau Street than its predecessor. Palmer Stadium was the home to Princeton football from the time it was built in 1914 until it closed after the 1996 season.

Princeton Stadium has a seating capacity of 27,800, with room for more than 30,000 in the building. To get a good feeling for the facility, consider these two facts: Princeton Stadium sits 15 feet higher from the turf to the top point of the stadium than Palmer did; yet, Princeton Stadium's closest seats are merely 17 feet away from the field.

The wall-building, which surrounds the seating area on three sides, is one of the most unique features of the stadium. It was built from 3,500 precast pieces of concrete, the heaviest of which weighs 80,000 pounds, or the size of 56 offensive lines.

There are two main purposes of the wall-building. First, it helps the stadium maintain Palmer's historic horseshoe design while still allowing seating on four sides. Second, the wall-building houses the press box, a lounge, concession stands, rest rooms and an auxiliary scoreboard.The lighting provides 80 foot-candles uniformly over the playing area, which allows for night games not only in football but also in lacrosse or soccer.

The public address system is a Turbosound Flashlight loudspeaker system, the same system that has been installed in NFL stadiums in both Oakland and Green Bay. There are fall mums planted around the old Palmer Memorial Stadium stone, which has been preserved and placed in the center of the northern concourse.

Princeton Stadium Fact Sheet
Basic Dimensions
Stadium Length
Stadium Width
Total Stadium Area
650 ft. 10 in.
531 ft.8 in.
321,500 sqft.
Stadium Height El. 203 ft. 2 in. at top of Promenade parapet
62 ft.4 in. at the north end
68 ft. 0 in. (west) and 70 ft. 3 in.(east) at 50 yd.-line
85 ft.3 in. at the south end
Playing Field  
Field Type
Field Dimension
Playing Field Elevation
Playing Field Crown
Sand-based, natural turf field
395 ft. x 245 ft. (95,900 sqft.)
EL.115 ft. at perimeter, EL. 115.75 ft. at center of field
9 in. crown at midfield
Sport Events Accommodated Football (360 ft. x 160 ft.)
Soccer (360 ft. x 210 ft. max.)
Lacrosse (330 ft. x 180 ft.)
Seating Capacity 27,773 Seats including:
16,813 Seats in Lower Bowl
10,402 Seats in Upper Grandstands
558 wheelchair/companion spaces
(at Mid-Stadium Promenade and at Press Box Level)
Expandable to more than 30,000 using temporary seating at Field, Concourse, Mid-Stadium Promenade, 3rd. Floor, and Promenade Level.
First Row Height
Lower Bowl Dimensions
3 ft. 0 in. above field level
21 rows, incl. wheelchair/companion row
Row width = 30 in., Riser Height = 1 ft.2 1/4 in.
Aluminum bench seating, seat width = 18 in.
Average seat height = 14 1/8 in.
Upper Grandstands Dimensions 19 rows
Row width = 33 in., Riser Height = 1 ft. 7 1/8 in.
Aluminum bench seating, seat width = 18 in.
Average seat height = 18 1/2 in.
Rake Pitch 25 degrees in Lower Grandstands
30 degrees in Upper Grandstands
Concourses and Plazas  
East and West Concourse Dimension
North Concourse Dimension
Northwest and Northeast Plaza Dimensions
Southwest and Southeast Plaza Dimensions
Mid-Stadium Promenade Dimension
Track Promenade Dimension
35 ft. wide, 410ft. long, 14,067 sqft. each
20 ft. to 53 ft. wide, 125 ft. long, 9,803 sqft.
7 ft. to 50 ft. wide, 142 ft. long, 5,722 sqft. each
15 ft. to 71 ft. wide, 115 ft. long, 5,957 sqft. each
11' wide, 1,200 ft. long, 13,200 sqft.
15 ft. wide, 250 ft. long, 3,768 sqft.
Concourse and Plaza Elevation EL. 141 ft.10 in. at North Concourse EL. 133 ft. 0 1/8 in. at Track Promenade
Support Facility  
Half-time Meeting Rooms
Concession Stands
Home (Capacity 100), Visitor (Capacity 70)
4 Concession Stands, 16 Points of Sale
5 Men's Restrooms, 105 fixtures
9 Women's Restrooms, 183 fixtures
Ticket Offices
7 Ticket Offlces, 34 Windows
Information/Lost-and-Found, First Aid, Novelty Shops Field Officials' Rooms, Storage, Mech. and Elect. Rooms Main and Auxiliary Scoreboards
Press Box  
Press Box Facility Broadcast (2), Radio (4), Home/Visiting Coaches (2) PA/PA Ctrl., Scoreboard Ctrl., Print Media Press, Lounge, and their supporting functions.
Print Media Press Area Capacity 44 permanent seats with counter space for 32 additional seats without counter
Press Lunch Area Capacity Space for 40 seats with tables
Lounge Capacity Space for 136 seats with tables
Event Lighting  
Mounting Height
Mounting Configuration
Fixture Type
107 ft. above field
12 rooftop structure-mounted clusters
1,600 watt metal halide
Seating Capacity 2,504 seats including:
2,480 seats in grandstand
24 wheelchar/companion spaces at South Concourse
11 rows, incl. wheelchair/companion row.
Track and Infield  
Running Track Length
Lane 1 Radius
Total Track Competition Area
Synthetic Running Lanes
Synthetic "D" Zone Area
Synthetic Jogging Lane
Additional Synthetic Surface Area
Grass Infield Area
Infield Type
Infield Events Accommodated
400 meters
8 lanes @ 48 in./lane & one 6' 0" jogging lane
121 ft. 0 in.
160,326 sqft.
52,155 sqft.
15,948 sqft.
5,832 sqft.
4,850 sqft.
81,541 sqft.
Native soil, natural turf field
Javelin, Discus, Shot-Put, Long Jump, Triple Jump, High Jump, Pole Vault, Steeplechase, Lightweight Football
Infield Elevation
Infield Crown
EL.118.0 ft. at perimeter, EL. 120.0 ft at center
24 in.
Event Lighting  
Mounting Height
Mounting Configuration
Fixture Type
70 ft. above field
2 pole- and parapet-mounted clusters
1,600 watt metal halide

Source: Princeton University

Princeton Tigers

University Field
University Field
Palmer Stadium
Palmer Stadium

Princeton Stadium
Princeton Stadium

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